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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  January 8, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PST

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try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. new details coming to light this morning about the pilot at the controls of an oil tanker that struck the bay bridge yesterday. the scrutiny he's now facing. >> reporter: we're live in antioch where an early-morning robbery leaves a store clerk hurt. we'll tell you what the robbers were after. today, governor brown plans to send a clear message about the thousands of prisoners now
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behind bars in california. and why a foggy commute may make your drive to work a whole lot slower. "mornings on 2" starts now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, january 8th. we begin with continuing coverage of the near disaster on the san francisco bay that we first covered on ktvu channel 2 news at noon yesterday. this morning, the u.s. coast guard will meet with the pilot of the oil tanker that sideswiped a tower of the bay bridge. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live with new details about this bar pilot's past. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. a coast guard spokesperson tells me there will be an update on this investigation coming after the team is briefed at 8:00 this morning. we do know that investigators will be sitting down later
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today and talking with the pilot at the controls of this 750-foot oil tanker when it struck one of the bay bridge towers. he's identified as george close with eight years experience. he did pass an alcohol test yesterday and the results of a drug test may come back today. yesterday's accident yesterday after the vessel was heading back to sea. there was heavy fog in the area at the time. that cut visibility on the bay to just about a quarter mile. this double-hauled vessel struck the wood and barrier that sports the bridge on the western span. caltrans says there was no structural damage. the ship just unloaded 350,000 barrels of crude oil at the shell reminery in martinez when the accident happened. there was no oil spill as a result of the crash. there's past problems for the
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pilot. in 2009, the kasten briefly ran aground in the sacramento river. two days later, he hit a bar line. the committee found there was pilot error involved in the accident case. we're expecting more information later on from the card guard. live on treasure island, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. we have more on our website including raw video of the coast guard news briefing on the hot topic section of 7:03. new this morning, police in antioch investigating an overnight robbery. brian flores live at a shell station in antioch to tell us what the police are searching for and how one of the
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employees was hurt. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning more details about this early-morning robbery attempt that happened here at this shell station off lone parkway in antioch. this morning, police responded to the robbery attempt at 2:30 this morning. what you should be seeing is video that was shot moments after the robbery attempt. that was the clerk that was victimized. he was beat up earlier this morning. we just gotta oning with him -- got through talking with him. he said four men came in. they tried to steal cases of beer. he tried to stop him. the thieves started to beat him up, hitting him and one personp used a glass bottle to hit the clerk on the head. the clerk said they were able to take off with beer. some of it dropped on the way out. apparently no cash and nothing else was taken out of the store. antioch police were here taking down any information. but we don't know any suspects'
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descriptions at this point. but at this moment, the clerk refused medical attention. he's working this morning. he says that he's a little bit spooked out by what happened. but he will continue to work until the owner gets here. roughly around 9:00 this morning. he also says he just started this job about a week ago. we're live in antioch, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. police in gilroy are looking for a man they say tried to pick up an 11-year-old girl walking home. it happened on monterey road last week. police say the man offered her a ride but when another driver saw what was happening. he took off. police say the man was driving a ford green 2000 astrovan. the suspect is described as an hispanic man between 50 to 60 years old with short black here and a mustache. petaluma police are also investigating a similar incident. yesterday, a 14-year-old girl reported that a man asked her to get into his car just outside westside elementary school. police say the girl kept walking while the man followed
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her. she eventually flagged down another car and the suspect drove away. he was last seen in a newer gray chevy suv with chrome rims. 7:05. a judge in santa clara county delayed the sentencing of the father of the suspect in the sierra lamar case. fernandez is scheduled to be sentenced january 28th in a morgan hill courtroom. he was convicted of 17 counts of sex crimes over a ten-year span. the crimes involve a girl who was four or five years old when the abuse started. now, this case is not related to his son antolin torres. he's in jail accused of killing sierra lamar. the bicyclist accused of causing the death of a 71-year- old man in the castro district, he's due back in court. the 36-year-old is facing felony vehicular manslaughter charges that stem from a tragic
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incident at market and castro streets last spring. prosecutors say he ran a red light, made no attempt to stop before hitting the man walking across the crosswalk. he's entered a plea of not guilty to the charges. it is 7:06. want to check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. there's some fog out there still. >> yeah, the fog is a big story. very foggy in parts of contra costa county, antioch, pittsburg, bay point. very thick fog even in the south bay. it's kind of moving around. steve will be here with a complete report. driving purposes. don't use the high beams. we're also checking 880. northbound, 880 near high street. they are clearing it now but the traffic is just a mess. 880 northbound. the alternate route for you would be 580 if you can get over there. 580 is crowded. traffic is backing up in san leandro on 880. bay bridge toll plaza, it's backed up. it's not all that bad. some people may be stuck on
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880. but it's backed up for about a 15-minute delay. in san jose, we've been watching the road sensors. northbound 280, 101 and 85, you will see some slow traffic there. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we're on on the mild side coast and bay. yet the fog reports continue to come in. evelyn in campbell, really, really foggy. jenny in benicia, the nothing horns are sounding. so i mean, it continues to move back in. it makes sense about 7:00 to 9:00. and then it will start to lift a little bit. 30s to 40s. it will be beautiful around the coast and bay. morning fog, sunny, warmer. i haven't wrote that or said that in a long time. fog tomorrow, then changes begin and much colder. you are going -- it feels nice today and then on thursday, you are gonna say, steve, why did you do this? it's gonna get much cooler and
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windy around here. the recent rain -- we're not seeing much rain. but the rain and the temperature and rain has come together so we have the tule fog. a lot of sun. warmer, hazy. that fog can be tough to burn off. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. you can get a good look. 47 in the city. 48 half moon bay. yet 36 fairfield, 36 livermore, san jose very, very foggy. a lot of reports down there. napa, 36. i mean, if you are in that 30s in the fog, it takes a while to burn off and then warm up. if you are starting in the 40s it won't take long at all. high pressure building in this a big way. that will allow to us warm up today. it will build so far north, it will build a system. much colder if there's enough moisture. that's kind of iffy, then there will be some extremely snow
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levels for us. fog, sun, warmer today for most. coast, bay. most of that fog will burn off. clearlake, 64. st. helena, 64. 56 antioch. 64 berkeley, oakland. mid-60s here. santa clara, 64. 60s on the coast. it should be beautiful. 63 redwood city, palo alto and mountain view atherton. we have a little bit more fog tomorrow and then here comes the cold surge dropping down thursday and friday. the mornings will be all right the -- i mean, it will be cold. but it will still be breezy. 7:10. pleasant in -- police in pleasant hill have arrested a teenager accused of casing homes but another suspect is on the loose still. police are looking for this man, 28-year-old richard guerro because they say he and a 17- year-old boy were seen casing homes to burglarize saturday morning. a neighbor told police they
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were writing down information about the homes in the neighborhood. police found their car but officers say guerro managed to escape after leading them on a chase. a new fish census shows reduced numbers of six types of fish in the past year, including the protected delta smelt. those numbers started to go down sharply in 2002. state fish and wildlife officials say it's a sign that the health of the entire delta is getting worse. a famous arch is now gone from a marin county beach after a very stormy month of december. take a look at before and after photo from tennessee beach. the arch from tennessee beach is what's been in hundreds of photos. but in december, that archway crashed down onto the beach below. police say the storm in december was a factor but the pounding surf and also water getting in over the years,
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helped it to give away. all right. 7:11. why a connecticut lawmaker is apologizing for comments she made about gabrielle giffords. plus how the former congresswoman is marking the second anniversary of the shooting that nearly killed her. and going on tour. if you missed it the last time, you have another chance to see the giants' world series trophy.
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♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] a lot of fog being reported out there. mainly north bay, east bay, the delta and san jose as well. he very foggy by san jose. by the way, it will be sunny. beautiful sunrise. it will be warmer today. 7:14. the former arizona congresswoman who survived a horrific mass shooting broke her silence on gun control. she and mark kelly launched an
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effort at curbing gun violence and vow to raise the funds necessary to balance the influence of the gun lobby. this comes on the second anniversary of the tucson shooting that left six people and left gabrielle giffords and others injured. a connecticut lawmaker is apologizing for a facebook coast telling people to stay out of her town. it comes days after gabrielle giffords visited her town following the massacre in newtown. the lawmaker says her comments were insensitive. happening now, the suspect in a colorado movie theater mass car is due back in court. emotions were high yesterday as police describe what happened as they try to pull people -- pull people to safely. we're live in you a roy raw, colorado with more on why the hearing is expected to last a few more days.
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>> reporter: hi, tori. yes, preliminary hearings in the state of colorado usually last less than an hour. but this one is expected to go to the end of the week, that according to the judge and attorneys on both sides. that's because of the number of victims 12 murder victims here as well as 58 people injured. there's a tremendous amount of evidence there. there will be a lot of testimony. you mentioned the level of emotion. two veteran police officers broke down on. stand into tears as they were describing entering the scene of theater 9 in aurora, they just described a bloody mess. they said it was absolutely awful listening to people calling for hem -- for help. they could could hear cell phones ringing. it was particularly difficult when one of the officers was given the body of verona sul i have van, the 6-year-old -- sullivan, the 6-year-old. it was particularly difficult for everyone and the courtroom came to a standstill for a
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moment when the officer had to compose himself on the stand. complete silence as complete silence from james holmes. our photographer said he showed absolutely no emotion during multiple descriptions up -- up there. one officer interviewed multiple witnesses after the shooting and they described in terrible detail what it felt like to have the bullets into their body. there was another woman who said she was hit in the abdomen. she remembers the tear gas canisters flying over her head. they also described the way that james hoe. -- walksh -- james holmes walked up and down the theater, emptying the rounds into the crowd. the officer said when he was finally arrested, he went willingly into their custody and that he also was very, very
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relaxed. and he appeared very detached. tori? >> so, after this preliminary hearing, what happens next? >> reporter: well, a plea agreement could come at any time. it kind of depends what the attorneys decide to do on either side. that's something we could expect during the day or later in the week. should this finish, the judge then will have the option to ask mr. holmes if he would like to enter a plea and then we go from there. i can tell you from covering this since july, the defense team has had a history of delaying teams. this is a tactic you see in a death penalty case. this has not been listed as an option by the district attorney. but we expect that to happen. so what they do, they tend to have hearing after hearing after hearing. that could take months or a week. back to you. >> thank you. some u.s. senators are furious after president obama
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nominated former senator chuck hagel to be the new secretary of defense. and as kyla campbell reports, hagel is getting an endorsement that may do more harm than good. >> reporter: dave, several senators say chuck hagel is soft on iran and he's not as committed to keeping the country from developing nuclear weapons. well, today's iran's foreign ministry program says if he leaves the program, he hopes it will improve relations between iran and the u.s. hagel's critics argue he was soft on iran when he served on the foreign relations committee as a u.s. senator. they say iran would welcome him as a leader because they won't fear suffer -- tougher sanctions when this comes to their nuclear program. he has supported u.n. sanctions
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against iran and believes they are working. hagel says he did not support sanctions that would be imposed by the u.s. alone because he felt that that would just isolate america from having good foreign relations. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. president obama's next nomination expected to be white house chief of staff jack loo to replace timothy geithner -- jack lieu to replace timothy geithner. the crimson rolled over noter game. they beat them 4-14. now -- 42-14. now some college fans are calling alabama a dinah city. notre dame didn't even score until they were late in the fourth quarter. that was alabama's third national title in the last four years. later on today, the san
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francisco giants are gonna start to show off their latest world series trophy. a three-month public tour will kick off this afternoon in sacramento. the tour will feature both the 2010 and the 2012 world series trophies. the first bay area stop, just so you know, it will be in richmond next monday. we don't know the exact time or location. a lot of people posted pictures of themselves with the trophy on facebook. there's patches of dense fog. you are driving along crystal clear and then boom. up next, steve paulson will tell us about a dramatic change in the weather headed our way. and thousands of investors knocking to sacramento and are hoping -- flocking to sacramento and are hoping to find the next big success story. 880 westbound is recovering from earlier problems. we'll run it all down for you straight ahead.
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welcome back. 7:23. some of the world's top medical investors they are here in the bay area this week. 2,000 investors gathered at the western st. francis on union square. they want to hear about the next possible health breakthroughs. some of the companies are targeting rare diseases that don't have a treatment. others are using information about the human gene. >> it's about saving money and individualizing care. we're about stopping one size fits all medicine. >> one biopsy showed that all one -- that one third of breast cancer and colon cancer patients don't need treatment. firefighters are competing in their annual blood drive contest. the fire department compete to
7:26 am
seek which station can get the blood donations. upcoming blood drives include the healdsburg and eldridge on january 15th. petaluma on january 15th. 7:24. we want to check on traffic right now with sal. find out what's happening at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> it is actually okay this morning. i think a lot of it has 20 do with 880 being slow because of the earlier bus that stalled. but the toll plaza itself is only backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay before you make it on into san francisco. the problem has been on 880. we have a live picture of it here. northbound 880 near high street there was a block that -- there was a bus that stalled. the traffic is moving again. it's taking a while to unwind. i want to go to the maps and show you the road sensors. it's very slow coming out of san leandro and heading north.
7:27 am
san mateo an and dumbarton bridge looking good. >> sal, thank you. a very sunny morning. pamela says i can't see my neighbor's house across the street, it's so foggy. look at that. if you don't have the fog, yeah, it will be nice today. sunny and warmer. but that fog can be really, really thick here for a while. i heard also san ramon to castro valley, visibility, 4 feet. that's probably better than that. but that's what they said. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. the recent rain, this -- the rain we had on the weekend might be one of the few we see in the next seven to ten days. it looks very, very cold but very dry going forward here. i looked out 15 days, i can't find any rain. the system coming in is gonna give us a lot of cold air starting thursday. i mean, really cold air but there's not much moisture with it. today, sunny and warmer. there will be mid-60s. all right, steve.
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7:26. the bay area man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire, he's in jail this morning. where san francisco tracked him down and made an arrest. a big announcement regarding california state prisons. we'll tell you why the governor is calling for a backup. >> reporter: we're live in san jose. we'll tell you about a study that show how one small change can mick a big difference on -- can make a big difference on the traffic congestion. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing.
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7:29. prison reform is no longer needed in california. governor brown will be driving that point home today to the federal justice department. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us live from san quentin to explain why the governor is making his case. >> reporter: brown says the state has added beds and built or renovated healthcare facilities and that's helped to solve the problem here. now, federal judges presented the state with a deadline, midnight last night to file plans for further reducing the prison population but instead, state attorneys filed a motion hours before the deadline saying the requirement for acceptable prison healthcare has been met. governor brown wants to get out from under the court order that requires california to spend more than $440 million a year sending inmates to prisons in other states. the governor has also said that
7:32 am
the court-ordered reducks could release drugs -- reduction could release dangerous or violent inmates. the population has been reduced by 24,000 inmates since october 2011. federal court orders found the state was putting inmates in unsafe conditions. federal officers say the governor will hold a press conference, two of them, one in los angeles and one in sacramento to trump his efforts. we will be following it and let you know what he has to say. live from san quentin state prison, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. 7:31. new developments in the case now of the woman set on fire in san francisco. police have arrested the suspect. her boyfriend. police say dexter oliver was arrested at an oakland motel around 9:00 last night. he's now in jail on attempted murder an arson charges.
7:33 am
police say oliver doused his 25- year-old girlfriend with gasoline and lit her on fire on sunday afternoon after the couple got into an argument outside of a laundromat. the victim, starr lamare, is at st. francis hospital with critical injuries. oakland police are searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting that injured a taco truck employee. this happened about 8:30 last night on 23rd near foothill boulevard. gunfire from an assault weapon came through the truck, hit this teenager in the foot. police say the suspects were actually shooting at another car that crashed, trying to get pay way. no one else -- to get away. no one else was hurt. police say a teenager was shot on heggenberger road and hamilton around 12:45 yesterday afternoon. he was alone in the car. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there's still no word on a
7:34 am
possible motive or suspect. at noon today, the new san francisco board of supervisors will be sworn in. there was a victory party in chinatown for one of the new supervisors elected to the board. norman yee. he brings the total number of asian-americans on the board to a record five out of 11 seats. >> i think it's about time and i think it's good -- it's great to have this representation. >> there's a whole generation of people that believe that public policy is really where they ought to be. >> the other new supervisor on the board is london breed. breed says her experience growing up in a public housing complex in san francisco gives her an understanding of the struggles fashion the city's most disadvantaged residents. [ applause ] >> and oakland city council has three new members in one of the
7:35 am
largest council changesovers in recent history -- changeovers in recent history. swearing-in ceremonies were held yesterday. may poor jean quan praised outgoing leaders for making oakland a progressive green city. police in newark investigating a shooting that left a man injured. the shooting happened about 6:30 last night on olive street. police say the 28-year-old man was shot as he sat in a parked car. he was rushed to the hospital but his injuries are not life- threatening. so far no arrests have been made. petaluma is headed for a tougher smoking restriction. the city council unanimously approved several new smoking bans. the restrictions on smoking in public places including bus stops and outdoor dining areas and on commercial sidewalks, well, they take effect next month. the limits on smoking medical marijuana and smoking in private homes. they will be phased in before the end of the year.
7:36 am
7:34. you will want to avoid driving around the embarcadero in san francisco tonight and early tomorrow morning. starting at 5:00 p.m., the northbound embarcadero will be shut down between howard and washington street. it will remain closed through 5:00 tomorrow morning. traffic is being routed away from the embarcadero as emergency sewer repairs continue. the entire sewer repair project should be done by sunday. a marin county man plans to appeal after he failed to convince a judge he was not alone while driving in a carpool lane. we told you yesterday about jonathan freeman and the ticket he received back in october. he claims he had another person in the car because he had papers of incorporation. and freeman says california's vehicle code uses corporations as people so he should not be cited. he hopes to table his case all the way to the -- take his case all the way to the supreme court. new this morning, a groundbreaking study about traffic jams and gridlock.
7:37 am
this study claims a small group of drivers is making bay area freeways miserable for all of us. ktvu's janine de la vega joining us live from san jose. so who is the bad guy and what's traffic out there now look like. >> reporter: we're here on 101. you can see traffic is starting to slow down. a lot of break lights as -- brake lights as these cars head northbound. we spoke to one driver who told us during the height of your commute driving hole. it takes her a half-hour to -- home. it takes her a half-hour to drive two miles. researchers tracked more than 350,000 bay area drivers and found that if 1% of drivers would cancel their trips, traffic would drop by 14% which means eight minutes would be saved per -- per hour. the traffic ends up congesting quickly once the road's
7:38 am
capacity is increased which is why researchers say one small change can make a huge impact. >> that does surprise me. if we can get 1% to do that. >> i've tried it multiple times. you leave at 6:00, 6:30, two different traffic schedules going on. it's a matter -- it's all a matter of the sequence going on that day. >> reporter: researchers say the study findings arecy and can be helpful for -- are helpful for the survey. others are studying to see if they can install metering lights at freeway offramps to help space out traffic so people can commute more easily. this is a shot of the northbound lanes of 101 that you can see is slowing down once you approach the trimble road de la cruz exit. something else, this study
7:39 am
seussed cell phones and the gps devices from bay area drivers and that's the first time that that is actually -- that that's been to collect traffic data. we independence there's foggy conditions on the road in the south bay. for more on that, we go to sal castanedo. >> thank you, janine, for that report. right now, we do have 280 and 101 are foggy. i want to go to the cameras. we had just looked at the 280 camera and i can't see a thing but the road sensors are showing traffic getting up to the 17 interchange. 85 is slow from 87. a pretty good portion of the way up into los gatos and saratoga. as janine de la vega mentioned, there's slow traffic between 280 and trimble. let's move along to 880 which is recovering after an earlier bus crash.
7:40 am
northbound 880 coming out -- coming out of san leandro. the bay bridge has become more prouded. backed up toker a -- backed up for a 20-minute delay is. delays. let's go to steve. >> thank you. a lot of fog reports coming in from crockett, benicia, pittsburg. other areas, no fog here. sunrise, it's nice. but san jose has a lot of fog as well. kind of an interesting pat tern. my fear was -- pattern. my fear was -- we have to get a stretch where we don't get much rain. i thing we're in the stretch. everything says dry, 7, 10, 15 days out except for cold air coming in thursday and friday. today, warm, foggy and warmer. some fog and subtle changes. big changes thursday and friday. it looks like maybe one of the few recent rains that we've had here in january. the moisture is high,
7:41 am
temperatures, 30s and 40s. you get the fog and it happens all of the time. 30s for some. 30s, 40s and almost 50 at the half moon bay airport. we get the easterly breeze coming in from the delta. that makes it tough for the fog. but otherwise, i can get the downsloping and it comes into the bay and coast. look at the signature of the ridge building there. that's also going to drive down a very cold system starting wednesday night into thursday. today, though, sunnyside up looks good. it will be slightly warm. then it's tougher. upper 50s in the fog. i think low to mid-60s. temperatures, they top out today and they will go way down thursday and friday. we'll go from the 60s to the upper 40s and low 50s. morning fog, but then sunny, warmer. temperatures above average but then a much colder.
7:42 am
not a lot of rain if any with this system. if there's enough moisture, snow level could get down to 1500, 2,000 feet. but i think cold and windy is the two main systems. 60s for some. 50s for others. fairfield, 57. 62 petaluma, santa rosa, 63. stinson probably will be nice along with much of the coast. 56 antioch. 59 concord. martinez, pleasant hill. 62, berkeley, alameda, oakland looks nice. mid-60s here. santa cruz, capitola should be great. even on the coast. half moon bay, pacifica daly city. atherton, redwood city all in there and san core lows. fog will be on -- san carlos. fog will be on the increase. very cold mornings i don't think there will be a lot of moisture. the weekend looks okay but it will be sunny and breezy. 19 minutes before 8:00. students at the university of oregon came back from winter
7:43 am
break after being evacuated after a series of underground explosions rocked the campus. smoke was seen from coming from an underground ton. at the school health center. we still don't know who will be kicking field goals for the 49ers in saturday's game against the packers. the team signed billy cundiff to compete with david achers who has been struggling -- david akers who has been struggling. achers was reportedly not -- ache ers was reportedly -- akers was reportedly not part of the workout. both kickers will be on the roster come saturday. the flu season is off to an early and dangerous start. how a new facebook app can actually help you figure out who to blame if you get sick. and released from prison. why the only suspect in the deadly suspect on the u.s. consulate in libya was set free in morning.
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aluminum alcoa reports earnings after the closing bell. stock is flat. the dow is currently down 59. the nasdaq down 15. s&p down 8. 34 individual stocks, however, are hovering near their all-time highs right now. we just checked and if amazon, master card and visa can stay at their current levels, they will close at historic highs. right now, visa is up slightly. master card is down slightly. amazon is taking a hit.
7:47 am
it's down about 1% right now. more than two dozen other stocks are within 1% of their all-time record closes. analysts saying seeing such strong performances from individual stocks might lure investors back into the markets which could strengthen the overall economy. this year's displays at the consumer electronics show runs from technology and the ever- -present apps for phones. >> the consumer electronics business in the u.s. here will be again over $200 billion in the u.s. it's about $206 billion this year. it will be more than that next year. >> exhibitors already promised more than 20,000 new products on display this year. there are special conferences
7:48 am
linked to health, fitness, dozens of hobbies and several age groups from children to senior citizens. 7:46. u.s. companies plan to spend more on business travel this year. there is a new su vary that says -- there is a new survey that says 267 billion will be spent on business travel. that's up 4.5% from last year. business travelers will be taking less trips and spending less time on the roads. in case you didn't know, flu season is definitely here. the cdc says this is the earliest start of the flu season in ten years. pam cook is in the studio with interesting ideas about what to do about it. >> get out the hand sanitizer, wash your hands with soap and water. we hear that a lot. but else can we do? 41 states are reporting -- reporting widespread cases already. the cdc says more than 2200 people have been hospitalized
7:49 am
because of the flu. 18 children have died. >> right now, through our surveillance systems that more people are going to the doctor and more people are being hop iced for flew this year than they were last year -- hospitalized for the flu this year than last year. >> doctors recommend getting a flu shot. it does take about two weeks to take full effect. they say it's very important to get vacs named early in the season -- vaccinated early in the season. and there is an app for tracking down how you may have gotten the flu. it's called help, i have the flu. the app uses different clues to determine which of your facebook friends are sick by checking status updates for flu, coughing, sneezing. the app reasons that your friends late-night status upstates may indicate they've not been -- updates may indicate they've not been
7:50 am
sleeping well and they may be more susceptible to catching the flu. back to you. >> thank you. the lawyer for the only suspect in custody during the libya attack has been released. that suspect, a tu nearen, had been -- tu nearian, had been -- tunisian. a man wearing an afghan army uniform fired on nato and afghan troops and killed one british shower. it helped at a patrol base in the helmand province. the gunman fired at both afghan and british troops. 7:49. an air search is planned today
7:51 am
for a missing man in scotts valley. police say 23-year-old alex fossgreen has not been heard from since he left his home on lockwood lane friday morning. search teams are checking fall state creek park where he's own no -- where he's known to hike. they will be checking empire and quarry road today. his family said he took off with a backpack, clothes, his passport and driver's license but no cell phone. san francisco police are investigating a shooting, a 19- year-old man was shot in the leg on ellis street at about 6:30 last night. he was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover. police are still looking for a motive and so far, they've not made any arrests. 7:54. people recovering right now after being injured when an suv crashed into a livermore restaurant yesterday afternoon. police say the driver of a cadillac escalade was outside of the strings italian cafe and thought the car was in reverse. but it was actually in drive.
7:52 am
and that driver plowed right through the dining room and out the back of the restaurant. one person suffered a broken leg. three others suffered minor injuries. well, part of the road that leads to the beach at point reyes is open again. a big section of the road buckled on new year's eve. park officials say a culvert beneath the road failed. one lane of traffic is open until permanent repairs can be made. lieutenant-governor gavin newsom is talking about news there and his wife are expecting their third child. newsom and his wife are expecting a baby girl in july. the couple has two children already. 3-year-old montana and 1-year- old hunter. newsom says he was elated by the news an this child will be the third -- and this child will be the third and last. good news for the oracle
7:53 am
team competing in the yacht case. the key piece they need for their racing boat, it should arrive today. a wedding ceremony hits a snag. what happened to a hot air balloon right after a bride and groom inside said their vows. share everything.
7:54 am
share brotherly love. share one up's. mom ? mom ? the share everything plan. lets your family share a pool of data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. now get a lucid by lg, free.
7:55 am
7:53. married life got off to a rough start for a southern california couple. they were getting married yesterday in a hot air balloon over san diego. but the pilot had to crash-land there in someone's backyard. 14 people were inside the balloon and the couple had just said their "i dos." >> next thing you know we're descending and i said how is he gonna land because there's no place to land. >> i got a little worried when we hit the fence and i thought if the fence doesn't stop us, we're going down the hill. >> the sky is the limit for that couple. one person in the balloon was
7:56 am
treated for back pain. but the rest of the wedding party continued onto the wedding reception. today, oracle's america cup racing team gets a new wing for their boats. the boat was damaged in october when it capsized during a training run. the wing was built in new zealand and is on a ship headed for oakland. it's expected to dock this morning and the wing will be sent to san francisco. after the repairs, it's expected to be ready to sail again early next month. 7:5. we have to get everybody on the road moving. what's happening on 880? >> we've had the slow traffic because of the bus problem. now traffic is finally beginning to get better on 880 northbound. in fact, i would recommend that you can now use it again. we were recommending an alternate route. it looks kind the normal driving up towards the oakland coliseum. we're looking at the commuter of the toll plaza at the bay bridge. westbound traffic will be okay.
7:57 am
if we can move onto the toll plaza area. it's not all that bad. by 8:00 yesterday, it was better and by 8:30 it was competely light. hopefully that happens today. if you are driving on the san jose compute we've seen a lot of activities on the road sensor, especially son 85. it's pretty slow. >> a lot of -- let's go to steve. it will be mild and warm for some. hazy sunshine. 60s on the highs. all right. thank you, steve. it's 7:56. the search for victims of two serial killers in san joaquin county has taken a new turn. what the fbi is doing after getting new information. >> reporter: later this morning, coast guard investigators will be sitting down to interview the pilot at the controls of an oil tanker that struck the bay bridge
7:58 am
yesterday. the scrutiny he's facing and what we've learning about his past. >> reporter: and we're live in antioch after a store clerk is beat up after an attempted robbery. we'll tell you what they were looking for when "mornings on 2" continues. [ male announcer ] subway has so many heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more.
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8:00 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. beginning with continuing coverage on the near-disaster on the san francisco bay. alex savidge has more. >> reporter: i talked with the coast guard -- coast guard representative who said they are just now starting the briefing. after it's done we expect to get an update on the investigation at some point later this morning. the coast guard will be sitting down at some point today to interview the pilot of this ship, the 750-foot tanker, that struck one of the bay bridge towers yesterday. now, the pilot in this case has been identically -- widely identified as george kleess with eight years' experience. he did pass an alcohol test
8:01 am
yesterday and that the results of a drug test could come back later today. yesterday's accident happened about 11:00 a.m. as the vessel was heading back out to sea. there was heavy fog in the area at the time that reduced visibility to a quarter mile. the double-hulled vessel struck the wood and metal barrier that protects the barrier on the span. caltran says there's no structural damage. the ship just unloaded 350,000 barrels of crude -- crude oil at the shell refinery in martinez. no oil spilled as a result of this crash. state records show past problems for the pinpoint. in 2009, he ran aground in the sacramento river and then just two days, kleess hit a -- and then just two days earlier, pilot error was second in that second case. as we bring you back out here
8:02 am
live. this is the overseas ramar. it will remained tankerred until the coast guard can gather all of the evidence they need to from the ship they need to. that could take some time. and later on today, the pilot involved in the crash will be interviewed as investigators try to get a better sense of what exactly went wrong yesterday. live this morning on treasure island, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the tower hit is just east of the bay bridge where the cosco busan hit. that killed more than 6800 birds. caltrans says several safety improvements were made to the bay bridge after that incident. we have a lot more on yesterday's tank ear incident on our website, including raw video of the coast guard news briefing. go to look under the hot topics
8:03 am
section. in overnight news, police in antioch are looking for the suspects of a violent robbery. brian flores is live at the shell gas station on lone tree way with more on what the suspects were after and what ended up happening to the clerk inside. good morning brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. well, the clerk, the victim is working right now this morning here at this shell gas station here off lone treeway. the clerk did not want to be on camera but he told us what happened off camera and this morning he told us he's a bit shaken up. but otherwise, he's doing okay. he said yesterday, two men entered the store and attempted to steal a couple of cases of beer. the clerk decided to step in and stop them. the fight later ensued with the clerk getting beat up by the robbers. he said they kicked him and punched him on the head and even hit him with a bottle. they took off with the beer,
8:04 am
some of it spilled. police arrived after. meanwhile, we talked with some residents who frequent this store and they say crimes like this, it doesn't surprise them. >> it's extremely unfortunate, you can tell it's just some kind of teenaged prank. they are gonna get beer, not anything like crash. but there is a lot of negative activity around this area as of late, around the holidays. >> reporter: we also understand there's some surveillance video as well but they will be handing that off to police. no cash was taken. just the beer. at this point, we don't have a clear suspect description. the clerk says that the four robbers may have either been latino or white. one of the suspects was tall. he also said he's a bit shaken up. he also tells us that he just started working here. he moved here from chicago about six months ago. he started this job about a week ago.
8:05 am
he's shaken up. but pore wise he's doing -- but otherwise he's doing okay. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. we now know the name of a woman who died after crashing her car into a pond on sunday in san jose. she's been identified as 69- year-old myra marsh. the chp says marsh lost control of her car and -- on the ail almaden expressway. dive teams tried to rescue here but it was too late. the cause is still being investigated. the driver accused of causing a crash on new year's day that killed two people in san francisco is due back in court in one hour. 19-year-old david mow rae less faces two -- morales faces two counts of murder as a result of a deadly crash in the mission district. investigators say he was racing away from police following a shooting when he killed two innocent people. the man charged with killing 7 people at oikos
8:06 am
university has been found not fit to stand trial. an alameda judge issued that ruling yesterday after reviewing reports from two psychiatrists who examined 44- year-old one goe. they conclude include ed -- concluded he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. he will likely be sent to a state hospital. if doctors determine, the condition has changed he could stand trial in the future. the fbi is investigating a second well and searching for possible victims of two serial killers. investigators say a convicted serial killer led them to this new well. it's new the first well exkacated last year. he told investigators he and his friend buried their victims there during a killing spree back in the 1980s and the '90s. >> i'm confident that the efforts that are brought forward by the fbi will give the highest amount of respect and dignity to the families and to the victims themselves. >> now, bones and remains from
8:07 am
at least three people were found during the first well that was dug up. the fbi says this new well is about 50-foot deep so the work will take about three weeks. the oldest female chimpanzee at the san francisco zoo has now died. zookeepers say tallulah died on sunday from heart disease and breast cancer. they think she was in her mid- 50s. tallulah came to the san francisco zoo in 1967. she was one of the oldest zoo chirps in america -- chimps in america. didn't know they could get breast cancer. let's check in with sal, see what's mapping on ate ate 0 -- on 880 in oakland. >> we're finally seeing reef leer there and other commutes as well. finally beginning to look more like itself. it was backed up at one point
8:08 am
into san leandro. you can get into oakland without any major delays. it's much better now that that incident has cleared the westbound bay bridge has company a -- has become a lot better. 880 from fremont, pretty slow. and then across the on the peninsula, san mateo bridge is moderate. 101 is slow in san mateo. let's go to steve. thank you. it's either mild or mostly sunny or very, very fog. i appreciate all of the information coming in. spweather if you have fog reports or even if you don't. my computer has been acting up in the last few minutes. we thought we fixed it but i don't think we did. no, no. we'll go back to the anchors. >> okay. we'll pick it up from there,
8:09 am
steve. we'll check back and get that important weather information. don't light a fire in your fireplace today because we have another spare-the-air day. bay area air quality officials say startment air is trapping pollution near the ground. so for today, it's el -- it's ill lee to burn -- it's illegal. le:-- 8:07. san francisco 49ers host the packers in an nfl playoff game on saturday evening. already signs of red and gold are popping up. 9er red lights adorn the ferry building. there it is. and 49ers stance many trying to get their hands on tickets to the game. even san franciscans who don't usually root for the 9ers are jumping on the bandwagon. >> just to see the home team win, get a win in san francisco. the giants won last year, that atmosphere was unbelievable. >> the 49ers are considered
8:10 am
slight favorites to win by about 3 points. but green bay quarterback aaron rodgers, remember, he was the star at cal and now he hopes to defeat the team he rooted for as a kid. the 49ers offered a limited number of tickets on line. they sold out within minutes. you can still get tickets to candlestick park on the nfl ticket exchange. the cheapest ticket we found is about $200. on stubhub one ticket is going for more than $5500. there are other tickets as well. you can watch the game right here. our coverage begins at 4:00. fox begins coverage at 4:30 and kickoff is set for after 5:00. then stay tuned for the post- game show. exciting -- >> pretty good seat here on "mornings on 2". >> yes.
8:11 am
>> uh-huh. marin county getting ready for the first-ever gun buyback program. >> thank you. a name change down under. why mcdonald's will go by its australian nickname but only for a week. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app.
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8:13 am
a lot of the fog continuing to work its way back to the coast. you can looking up above, it
8:14 am
will be sunny. for another hour or so we'll have to deal with a lot of that fog. some of the thickest is toward san jose, benicia, crockett and vallejo. i know also parts of the east bay. temperatures 30s and 40s. i've had about five reports from san jose saying foggy, superfoggy from blossom hills. you name it. 30s on the temperatures, 48 at half moon bay. 47 in the city. it's either cold or very mild. high pressure will build in this a big way giving us sunny and warmer weather. watch out for the gulf of alaska. that system is on its way in the next 36, 48 hours. that will give us a huge change in the temperatures. 60s today. 50s if you have the fog. but low to mid-60s. rely night by the -- really nice today. marin county will hold its first-ever buyback gun program. $40,000 already raised for the event. a lot of it came from people in
8:15 am
the community. organizers plan to offer $200 for semi-automatic weapons. 100 for other guns. people who return in more than -- who turn in more guns will get a voucher redeemable cash at a later date. >> we're not at the same level as some of the neighboring counties but we have our share. >> they also want violent video games turned in also but no money will be given. there will be collection sites at sheriff substations in marin cities, point reyes, and police headquarters in novato, sab ralph fell and larkspur. dozens of u.s -- san rafael and larkspur. dozens of u.s. senators are weighing in about chuck hagel on several fronts. here's more.
8:16 am
>> reporter: this won't be an easy feat. u.s. lawmakers are picking apart the former republican senator who served on the foreign relations committee. hagel says the pentagon budget is bloated. some democrats and gop members don't think he will support israel, one of our nation's allies that's come under attack from terrorist groups and leaders on both sides of the aisle criticize his toughness when it comes to cracking down on iran. >> i consider him to be an honorable man with a distinguished record of service, but also at the same time profoundly wrong on some of the biggest national security threats confronting the united states today, namely a nuclear iran. >> reporter: chuck hagel says an accurate assessment of his record will show he's been tough on iran and supportive of israel. he will undergo several one-on- one meetings with senators and
8:17 am
face tough questions in a confrontation meeting. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kyla. 8:15. the next nomination president obama is expected to make is white house receive of staff lack lieu to replace geithner. in if he's confirmed lieu's first priority would be to work with congress to raise the debt ceiling and the president would need to find a new chief of staff. a federal court has approved additional severence pay for dozens of former military servers who are gay and lesbians who were discharged under the don't ask, don't tell law. this covers 180 veterans who received only half their separation pay. don't ask/don't tell was repealed last fall. it will be late march before the u.s. supreme court hears arguments on two same-sex marriage cases. arguments on proposition 8 which bans gay marriage, will be heard on march 26th.
8:18 am
the court will hear the challenge to the federal defense of marriage act the next day. doma makes it so salt lake city marriages are not recognized -- so same-sex marriages are not recognized under any laws and allows states to ignore same- sex marriages performed in other states. today, google chairman eric schmidt met with students at a university in north korea. now, schmidt is visiting north korea along with bill richardson. you are looking at some new video. there's schmidt and richardson touring a computer lab at the north korean university. schmidt has not said why he's in north korea but he often talks about the importance of providing people all over the world with access to the internet. richardson says he's there on a humanitarian mission to try to win the release of a detained american. the legal battle between apple and samsung continues today in a san jose courtroom. the two companies are fighting
8:19 am
over patent and trademark infringement on several fronts. now, the hearing today could lead to a new ban on samsung products being sold here in the u.s. apple claims that 19 of samsung's devices, including the galaxy and note products, use eight apple patents and it's not being expected -- compensated. similar battles are being fought across europe. sales in china may be down for kfc. this is after the chinese government started to support them with poultry. it expects a 6% drop in revenue in same sales stores there. sales in china had been expanding. mcdonald's is expanding its test of a new menu tie tell. they could be adding mighty
8:20 am
wings to its chicken offerings. they were tested successfully in atlanta and now chicago will get to try them. one thing that could keep them from going national is the increasing cost of wings. the prices have gone up on wings. mcdonald's changing its name but only in australia. and only temporarily. the people of call it macs. it's in honor of australia day. [inaudible] >> well, the regular mcdonald's signs will return in early february. the british-based virgin atlantic has chosen an american airline executive as its new chief executive officer. his name is craig eager. he's been a senior vice president with american for 23 years. he says he's looking forward to
8:21 am
working for virgin atlantic now that it has a partnership with delta. he worked with the chief rival. british airways for sick years. that's when he headed up american -- merck -- american's -- american's asian and european operations. samsung expects to report profits of 8.3 billion. that's higher than expected and up a mopping 89% from the -- whopping 89% from 2011. a new report shows a big jump in holiday hiring. retailers hired 728,000 new workers in the last three months of 2012. that's up 10% from the same time the year before. it's equal to prerecession holiday levels. but analysts say most of those jobs were seasonal. sas an -- as soon as most gift cards are spent the jobs will
8:22 am
disappear. we're getting new information about a deadly officer-involved shooting in walnut creek. what police say happened moments before officers were forced to pull the trigger. also, meteorologist steve paulson will tell us to expect warmer temperatures today. but keep that big jacket handy. and we have a look at the golden gate bridge where fog is not an issue but some of the fog is an issue in other parts of the bay. we'll let you know more about that straight ahead. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song.
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8:25 am
good morning. welcome back. lawyers for casey anthony will be in court today to appeal her conviction of lying to. police. the florida mother was acquitted of murder in 2011 in the death of her 2-year-old daughter kalee. but anthony was convicted on four counts of lying to police during the investigation into her disappearance. and thoughny's lawyers say she should not have been charged with lying because she was not advised of her rights. new information is being released about why walnut creek police officers fired deadly shots in the city's first officer-involved shooting in 12 years. anthony banta was killed in his walnut creek home on december 27th. police say it started with a 911 call from his roommate claiming he was being attacked. when officers arrived, they say banta ran at them holding a
8:26 am
kitchen knife and ignored commands to drop the knife and police fired shots. >> there are a lot of things that don't add up. the family is in shock and in disbelief that this could have happened. at the same time, i know the police are very regretful this had to happen. >> police are waiting on toxicology results. more information is expected to be released in the coming months. 8:24. time to go back to sal. see what the commute is doing at the toll plaza as well. >> yeah, the toll plaza has improved. let's go out to the toll plaza. you can see that the traffic there looks much better. this last week -- two days of this week we've seen better traffic in the 8:00 hour getting into san francisco. also this morning we're looking at 237. a little bit of fog getting into the valley. in fact, this is the only south bay camera we can show you that's not job secured by fog right now. let's take a look at the maps in san jose. we've had a couple of minor incidents. northbound 280 near saratoga
8:27 am
there is a minor crash. southbound 208 there is a crash there and traffic is slow getting into downdown san jose. and this is the contra costa commute. highway 4 a little bit slow in bay point and antioch. let's go to steve. a very good foggy morning. there's some super-thick fog out there. those words coming from many people in the san jose area but also out towards -- anywhere near the delta and san pablo bay, not as much in the -- also gilroy had a report, a tweet by the way. thanks for the tweets coming in, especially those when my computer didn't work. high pressure means sunny and warmer weather machines you are stuck in that fog and then it's cold and foggy. 30s to almost 50 degrees half moon bay. go west, go west if you are cold and freezing in that fog, it will be spectacular today by
8:28 am
the coast. we are gating an easterly breeze. look at high pressure building in to the top left of your screen, coming out of the gulf of alaska. a very cold system is going to drop in on us thursday. just letting you know. fair warning t will go from sunny and mild and warm to very, very cold. today it's the fog. if you don't have the fog, congrats, it will be a beautiful day. wednesday night, thursday, into friday. much colder and windy. very low snow levels. i don't think we have much moisture to work with. sunny and mild and warm today after the fog. by about 9:00 it starts to lift a little bit. highs will be in the 60s, mid- 60s unless you are in the fog. the weekend looks good. the mornings will be cold. it will be sunny and breezy, though. dave? >> all right, steve. steve told me about this -- back-to-back earthquakes this morning shook up parts of nfl. we'll tell you where those --
8:29 am
northern california, we'll tell you where the quakes were centered. >> reporter: the governor making a big announcement today regarding state prisons. we'll tell you why he's telling some federal prisons to back off.
8:30 am
8:31 am
good morning. it's a little bit foggy in the. you will see slow traffic on northbound 101, driving up to that fog, it will be foggy in other parts of the south bay and also parts of the east bay and even on parts of the
8:32 am
peninsula. now, it's -- it's one of those things that i want to mention that northbound traffic is gonna be slow. it's a underbreaking study on gridlock. the study claims a small group of drivers is making the bay area freeways miserable for the rest of us. ktvu's janine de la vega joins us live from san jose with the story. janine? >> reporter: salt we're here near 101 just past the 880 interchange. within the last hour, traffic hasp improved. we're seeing a lot more brake lights up. it looks like it may be starting again. if a driver coming from morgan hill could avoid traveling in rush hour, they could commute faster and speed up other drivers heading north. researchers from uc berkeley tracked more than 350,000 drivers using cell phone and gps devices and found if 1% of drivers would cancel their trips, traffic would drop by 14%. that means 8 minutes would be
8:33 am
saved per hour. traffic ends up congesting quickly once the road's capacity is increased which is why researchers say one small change could make an impact. some drivers are skeptical. >> i don't think there will be a easy fix. i don't think there's a reverse commute anymore because there's people commuting from down here to where i live and then there's people commuting from where i live to down here. it's a hot mess. >> reporter: researchers say the study's findses are significant and could be -- findings are significant and could be helpful. caltrans and others in the industry are studying survey to see if they can install lights at freeway ramps to help space out traffic. you are looking at a live picture of the northbound lanes of 101 where traffic seems to be flowing okay. the southbound lanes are pretty
8:34 am
clear. that's the picture out here right now. again, a lot of opinions from bay area drivers this morning on that study. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:32. new developments in the case of the woman who was set on fire in san francisco. the suspect, her boyfriend, was arrested last night in oakland. dexter oliver was arrested at an oakland hotel around 9:00 last night. he's now in jail charged with attempted murder and arson. police say oliver poured gasoline on his 235-year-old girl and then hitter is -- 25- year-old girl and then set her on fire after they argued outside of a laundromat. starr lamare is being treated for severe burn injuries at st. francis. gilroy police are searching for a man they say tried to pick up an -- an 11-year-old girl walking home. police say the man offered her a ride, but when another driver saw what was happening, they
8:35 am
drove off. police say the man was driving a forest green 2000 chevy astrovan. the suspect is described as latino, between 50, 60, short, black hair and a mustache. police in petaluma investigating a similar incident. yesterday a 14-year-old girl says a man asked her to get into his car just outside of westside elementary. police say the girl kept walking while the man followed her. she eventually flagged down another car. that's when the suspect drove away. he was last seen in a newer gray chevy suv that had chrome rims. 8:34. new this morning, about an hour ago, there were two small earthquakes in lake county. a 3.1 magnitude quake hit around 7:20 this morning, about five miles from the geysers. then about ten minutes later, a 3.2 quake hit the sale area. the usgs says both quakes had a depth of about one mile. no damage has been reported.
8:36 am
governor brown says conditions in california's prisons have improved so much there's really no need to further reduce the number of inmates. tara moriarty is live at san quentin with how the governor is now trying to get out from under a federal court order. >> reporter: good morning. overcrowding at state prisons is a distant memory according to the governor. he says that the state has built and renovated several healthcare facilities and that is really taking care of the problem. they've also added some beds which has helped the situation. federal judges did give the state a midnight deadline last night to file plans for further reducing the prison population and instead state attorneys filed a motion just hours before the deadline saying that the requirement for acceptable prison healthcare has been met. governor brown wants to get out from under the court order that requires california to spend more than $440 million, sending inmates to prisons in other
8:37 am
states. the governor has also said that the court-ordered reduction could force the state to release dangerous or violent inmates. the population in the state's 33 prisons had been reduced by nearly 42,000 inmates since 2006. correction officials say the governor will hold a press conference. two of them. one in los angeles it really trumpet his efforts. we'll follow this and let you know what he has to say. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. today at noon, the new san francisco board of supervisors will be sworn in. last night, there was in victory party in chinatown for one of the new supervisors. norman yee. his election brings the number of asian-americans on the board to a record five out of the 11 seats. the other new supervisor on the board is london breed right there. she says her experience growing
8:38 am
up in a public housing complex in san francisco helps her understand the better the struggles facing the most disadvantaged residents. we want to check in again with sal. are things improving as we get towards the end of the commute? >> a little bit. you will see some at the toll plaza for sure. we have some problems out there. we have a new problem northbound near the guadalupe parkway near bird avenue. it's kind of hard to see because we have a foggy camera. there is a crash here blocking lanes. northbound 280 near bird avenue and traffic is a mess in the middle of all of this fog in san jose. be aware of that. you might want to use an alternate route. let's move to 880 northbound. the traffic here is slow. we had anker whyer -- an earlier problem. this morning's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza has improved quite a bit. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a very good morning. a very foggy morning. thanks for all of the tweets. in crockett, the fog is beginning to lift but she can
8:39 am
still hear the fog horns. unbelievably foggy in san jose. i think i've had five reports there and three in pittsburg. over by the coast, the -- by the coast, not as bad. this is going to last? no. it will change tomorrow and big- time change by thursday and friday. 30s and 40s to 50 at half moon bay. half moon bay. other yarrs in the mid-30s. we have a huge difference. a little early breeze. that allows the fog to come back in from the delta or settle in. it also means a beautiful day bayside and coast where the temperatures will be above average. you can see the ridge of high pressure there. but up here, way up here, where it's -- it's cold. the system is going to drop right on top of us by thursday. not much moisture. very thick fog will give way to warmer conditions. if you are eastward it's really
8:40 am
tough to burn off. a really cold unsettled pattern. high pressure is here for a while. i think it's going to build in. sunny and warmer. there's not much way in the 5, 10, 15-day outlook. not much in the way of rain. it will put on cold air and very windy conditions but then it looks like brutal air goes into the country and then over the next, seven, ten days we'll sit here dry. snow level could get down to 1500 feet. it's that cold. that will take us thursday into friday. so enjoy today. it looks like sunday/monday will be better. but until then, it will be a no doubt about it change in the temperatures. a famous arch on a marin county beach is no more after a stormy december. this is the before-and-after photo.
8:41 am
the archway on dice 29th crashed down to the beach below. the sacramento delta, six types of -- in the sacramento delta, six types of fish are closer to extinction. reduced numbers for six times of fish in the last year including the protected delta melt. the numbers started to drop sharply in 2002. state and wildlife officials say it's a sign that the health of the entire delta is getting worse. 8:39. this morning, former arizona congresswoman, gabrielle giffords, survived the -- who survived the shooting two years ago broke her silence. she and her husband launched an effort aimed at curbing gun having -- gun violence. at 9:11 this morning, tu san,
8:42 am
arizona will mark the -- tucson, arizona will mark the after by ringing bills. a connecticut -- anniversary by ringing bills. a connecticut lawmaker is apologizing for a posting on her facebook that told gabrielle giffords to stay out of her turn. gabrielle giffords went to newtown, connecticut after the deadly shooting and that lawmaker says the comments were insensitive. the colorado movie massacre suspect will be back in court today. it was an emotional day in court yesterday as victims' families sat through testimony by police officers who tried to help save lives inside the mop i have -- moisture i have theater. officers broke down -- movie theater. officers broke down in tears. now, lim hearings normally -- preliminary hearings normally only last an hour or so but this hear something expected to
8:43 am
last until friday because of the large number of victims. released from prison. why the only suspect on the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya was just set flee this morning -- was just set free in morning. >> reporter: and we'll have more about the ship that struck the bay bridge yesterday. good morning! wow.
8:44 am
want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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u.s. stocks down today. traders waiting for the start of the corporate earnings season. market watchers expect the quarter results could include many surprises because of events like superstorm sandy, the presidential election and the fiscal cliff. taking a live look at the big toward, the dow is down 57. the nasdaq is down 16. s&p down 7. there is a new report that disney is looking for ways to cut costs and it could mean eliminating some jobs. sources inside the company that spans theme parks, and merchandise, say an internal audit is underway. disney is not commenting on the report but it does say it looks -- is looking for ways to cut
8:47 am
costs and has increased technology in the past few months. 8:46. the suspect in the colorado movie theater mass care will be back in court today for a hearing to determine if the case will go to trial. yesterday was a very emotional day in court. victims' families sat through testimony by police officers. this hear something expected to continue until friday. former nebraska senator chuck hagel could be in for some really tough confirmation hearings. both democratic and republican lawmakers are expressing concerns about him being nominated to be the country's next secretary of defense. and this morning, the coast guard will be meeting with the bar pilot of that isles oil anchor -- oil tanker. investigators say the ship scraped a tower of the bay bridge yesterday.
8:48 am
alex savidge has been on this story since 4:30 this morning. what's the latest. >> reporter: ther was an announcement that the ntsb will be joining the investigation. they will be working hand in hand with the coast guard. -- coast guard. i'm told a briefing just wrapped up. investigators met with one another to figure out where things stand and where things are gonna go moving forward. we know the pilot of that vessel that 750-foot oil tanker will be interviewed at some point later on today. he's been identified as -- i'm trying to find his name here. george kleess. he has eight years experience as a bar pilot. he manning the ship when it struck one of the towers on the bay bridge. at this point, i want to bring in tam bailen with the u.s. coast guard. as far as the interview with the pilot, what do you hope to learn when you speak with him
8:49 am
today? >> well, the pilot is just one of many people this we're gonna talk to about this incident that occurred yesterday. there's a lot we need to know, what were the factors that led to the accident. that's gonna be part of the investigation. of course, talking to the pilot, he's gonna provide vital information. that will be later on today. >> how much do you think weather played a role? obviously it was heavy fog yesterday. should the ship have been going through that area at that time? >> i don't want to speculate too much on what played a role. that will be up the -- up to the investigation to determine. the coast -- we're going through the steps we always do in an investigation. we interview the crew, the captain. we do our own internal investigation about the people who respond to this and we ask them questions about what happened. we're thankful this didn't end in any loss of life and there's no pollution spills. >> reporter: did he speak about that? you've been continuing to
8:50 am
search for signs of oil that may have come out of the ship. but you haven't found any. >> reporter: that's right. yeah. after determining in one was injured, then we determine if the bay was harmed. we sent inspectors out on the breach. we found no breaches in the hall, no signs of oil in the water. we had people on stand by just in case. but thankfully, the bay is unharmed. it's a treasure. we live here. we love it and we want to see it protected. >> how long might this investigation take? >> as long as it takes. you mentioned that the ntsb is coming. it's thorough because we want to protect the bay. and we want to find out what happened and prevent anything like this from happening again in possible. >> reporter: pam bailen with the u.s. coast guard. really appreciate you taking the time to join us.
8:51 am
they just finished their morning briefing. the investigation is still unfolding. the interview has yet to take place. no oil was spilled. the investigation certainly a lot more to be done here to figure out exactly what went wrong yesterday. live this morning on coast guard island in alameda, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. cover your mouth and wash your hands. the advice on how to keep from catching a cold has not changed. but tracking how you got it has changed. pam cook has more. >> the centers for disease control says this is the earliest start to a flu season in about ten years. 41 states are already reporting widespread cases of the flu. the centers for disease control also says more than 2200 people have been hospitalized because of the flu p 18 children have die -- because of the flu. 18 children have died. doctors say it's more important than ever to get your flu shot. >> it's exact vateing your
8:52 am
immune system -- activating your immune system, to recognize that virus as a problem. so when it sees it again, it attacks it. >> the flu shot is only about 60% effective, they say, not 100% as it has been in previous years. it also takes a couple of weeks to take full effect. but doctors say it's better than nothing. are you looking for to to -- for who to blame? there is a new app that tries to track down how you may have gotten the flu. it's called help, i have the flu. the app determines which of your facebook friends are stick by checking status updates from your friends with words like, flu, sneezing, coughing. if your friends are up late, posting these updates maybe that means they are -- they are not getting enough sleep and are more susceptible to getting the flu. >> thank you, pam. new this attorney, the only
8:53 am
for the only suspect in custody for the dadly attack on on the u.s -- on the u.s. consulate in libya has been released in tunisia. the suspect had been questioned by fbi officials in the presence of a tunisian judge last month. reportedly, he posted reports on social media shortly after the september 11th attack on the consulate. a new report about the death of singer aim my winehouse. it confirms she died from alcohol -- amy winehouse. it confirms she died from alcohol poisoning. the first coroner's report in 2011 had the same conclusion. back here at home, petaluma is moving towards tougher smoking restrictions. this is after the city council unanimously approved several new smoking bans. restrictions on smoking in public places, including bus
8:54 am
stops and outdoor dining areas and on commercial sidewalks take effect next month. limits on smoking medical marijuana and private homes will be phased in before the end of the year. 8:52. the crimson tied rolled -- rolled over notre dame, 42-14. the fighting irish didn't even store until they were down 35-0 late in the third quarter. now many college football fans are calling alabama a die nas city. this was the third national title in the past four years. meantime, this young woman, the girlfriend of aj mccarron, got a lot of face time on tv during last night's championship game. katherine webb is a model and the current ms. alabama. before the nationally tell very sized game she had 10,000 twitter followers. by the end of the game, she had 100,000. and that includes arizona cardinals lineman darnell
8:55 am
dockett who tweeted his phone number to her. she's already taking. >> got it, tori. watch her. >> yeah. it's a bay area carpool controversy. we have an update on the man who claims that papers are his carpool passengers. and sal will be back with a final check of your morning commute. not too bad there. the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
a marin county man will file an appeal after he failed to convince a judge there was not alone in the carpool lane. he got a ticket back in october. he claims he had another person in the car because he had papers of incorporations. he says california's vehicle code views corporations as people. he should not have had a ticket, he says. he's hoping to take his case to the supreme court. it is ticket tuesday. three lucky viewers today will win a pair of tickets to see lady gaga thursday, january 17th. the five-time grammy award winner will be performing at san jose's hp pavilion. for your chance to win go to before midnight and put in the secret word "monsters." i believe that's what she calls her fans in an affectionate way. >> we affectionately call sal
8:59 am
the best. >> we -- we have a problem at bird avenue. really messing up traffic coming out. we go to the toll plaza. it's light. let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. very, very foggy morning for some, especially san jose, parts of the east bay. most of the coast there is a little fog. it will be sunny and warm. a little cooler on wednesday. big cool down, i mean cold and windy thursday and friday. >> we've been warm -- we've been warned. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. >> be sure to join us at noon and fight out about the flair being added to some restaurants. we're always on at


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